The Aglianico (ah-LYAH-nee-koe) grape vine originated in ancient Greece, but was brought to Italy during the Roman Empire. Since then, it has continued to thrive in the hills of southern Italy’s Campania region. The vine grows best at elevations of 2100’ or higher.

The vines producing the Colli e Sole – Aglianico wine have grown on the Gambale family land in the Irpinia region of Campania, Italy for over 100 years and remain fruitful. The cultivation of this ancient grape has been unchanged throughout time and continues to this very day.

The terrain of the Irpinia region is very unique and the cultivation of grapes has deep seeded roots there, dating back to the Roman age. The variety of soil texture, composition, and the climate of the region create a natural environment for vine growing. Today, wines from the Irpinia region are synonymous with quality and prestige, with sharp personalities and famous the world over.