For five generations, Cantina Castel dell’Angelo has maintained the tradition of quality and integrity in the production of fine wines. This labor of love began in 1907 when our grandfather Nicola Gambale married his love Carmela Molettieri. Both sold their inheritances in the village of Montemarano and purchased exclusive vineyards, high on a sunny hill [COLLI E SOLE] located in Castelfranci , (Via Baiano) Province of Avellino, Italy. At the time, this land was referred to as Castel dell’Angelo.

Our grandfather was called into service during World War I, leaving our grandmother and their first born son Antonio to tend to the vineyard alone. He returned from war as a sergeant major, however he was severely wounded during an explosion of an underground ammunition facility. This had no effect on our grandfather’s spirit which was still very much alive.

The winery was relocated by the Gambale family in the late 1960’s to a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The new winery houses various stainless steel containers and wood barrels made from French Oak. My brother Giulio and I continue the wine making tradition using our family’s five generation old method.

In honor of our family’s dedication to producing one of the world’s finest and rarest wines, we named our cantina Castel dell’Angelo. Many thanks go to our parents Pietro Giuseppe and Rosa Valente, along with their parents. Without their knowledge and hard work, my brother and I would not have the opportunity to provide you with the wine drinking experience that Cantina Castel dell’Angelo can bring to your table.


- Nicola and Giulio Gambale